Mom-ing with Menus

It’s not rocket science or reinventing the wheel, but recently I’ve been getting hella into monthly menu planning. March was/is crazy. I had a pledge drive at my 9-5 job, and Gibs turned 2 years old halfway through the month. … Continue reading

Gotta DASH

It’s amazing what a difference a real doctor makes. I went to my general practitioner back when I started feeling really terrible and learned that I had high blood pressure. Before Christmas he changed my meds, and they started causing … Continue reading

Thanksgiving 2014

We’re keeping it pretty simple this year at Château Good Vibes. Normally I’d make deviled eggs, celery with processed cheese and a big tray of olives. And then I’d eat all of those things myself because The Man isn’t a fan … Continue reading

No Time for Pumpkins, Dr. Jones

I’m still buried under work for my 1st shift job, and my second shift boss is a little tyrant. So I have no time for proper posts. But I wanted to reblog my pumpkin pie recipe from last year with … Continue reading

Under Pressure

“Pressure! Pushing down on me! Pushing down on you…” Blood pressure that is. Mine’s too high. High enough that a couple weeks ago, I felt so off that I went to my general practitioner for a physical. He confirmed what … Continue reading

Solid Decisions

As I mentioned in my post earlier this week, Gibson has started solids. Yes, I know the World Health Organization recommends nothing but breast milk until six months. Yes, I realize that Gibs is only five months old. Unfortunately, thanks … Continue reading

Pancake Cake & Other Perfunctory Provisions

This blog is supposed to have elements of cooking in the posts. Maybe not every week, but more often than say, never. And it’s been….oh five months since I last posted a recipe or anything having to do with food. … Continue reading

Alton Brown’s Refrigerator Pie

I am a pretty big fan of quiche. It’s simple and quick, but always seems to make me feel like I’m classing things up for some reason. Maybe because the word is French. Or maybe it’s because quiche is not something … Continue reading

Pumpkin Pie Done Right

I just can’t help it. Normally I wouldn’t get into this mood until we were solidly in September. But it’s just been so mild here these last days of August that my mind is thinking about the turning of the … Continue reading

Labor Day Traditions- Chicken Stock

I don’t know about other folks, but Labor Day weekend is really my time to bubble and boil in my kitchen undisturbed. I have the house to myself since I send my husband off to one music event or another … Continue reading