Solid Decisions

Solid-DecisionsAs I mentioned in my post earlier this week, Gibson has started solids. Yes, I know the World Health Organization recommends nothing but breast milk until six months. Yes, I realize that Gibs is only five months old.

Unfortunately, thanks to Gibson’s reflux, we broke the solids rule very early. Started giving him some oatmeal in his bottle around the three month mark. Our pediatrician recommended that we try it to help keep his milk in his belly and not come up. The theory was that the weight of the food would help keep it down. I think this worked to some extent. But the real help in that area was using Zantac. Gibs has been a much happier guy now that his poor throat doesn’t burn all the time. Despite the oatmeal, he still spits up a lot.

So at Gibs’ four month appointment, the pediatrician recommended we start trying some solids. And well, the guy hasn’t steered us wrong yet. So I started with the food I hate the most, sweet potatoes. My theory was that if he had it first, and had nothing else to compare it to, the poor kid might actually like it and avoid his mother’s fate. Alas, he is his mother’s child. He ate the sweet potatoes, but certainly didn’t seem keen on the taste. Same goes for peas. But when we tried squash, he perked right up!

First feeding of rice cereal mixed with breast milk

First feeding of rice cereal mixed with breast milk

Currently we’re giving him a different food each week, in addition to the cereal in his bottles. Next up should be carrots and then green beans. Soon avocado! I’m hesitant to try fruits since I know he’ll probably prefer those over veggies. If he’s anything like his mom, that is. And he is. 🙂

On top of breaking the no solids rule, we’ve also had to supplement Gibs milk rations with formula. As I’ve lamented before, I’m no milk-maid. My body knows the difference between my son and the breast pump. And these babies don’t give it up for the pump. On my best day I can make eight ounces of milk with the pump. Total. *sigh* So to stretch out what I’m able to produce when I’m away from the boy, my husband supplements Gibs with formula.

Oh I have agonized about that decision. But I’m done torturing myself over it. There’s too much to do and Gibs is obviously thriving (15.6 lbs at his last well baby visit!) Before I ever got pregnant, a friend of mine told me that she gave her daughters formula at day care and nursed at home. Her job made it difficult to pump during the day. But she took solace in the knowledge that the formula would provide any vitamins and minerals that might have been missing from her diet. And I take comfort in that as well. Plus, the thought of Gibs being hungry because there wasn’t enough milk in the house trumps the fear that he’s getting less than adequate nutrition by receiving some formula.

Gibs is healthy and happy from all appearances. And as long as that remains the case, we’ll continue to give him solids and formula. I watch him intently (as I’m sure all first time mothers do with their babies) for any signs he might be sick or sad. Instead, all I see are smiles, sparkling eyes, freakishly beautiful hair and a personality that continues to reveal itself every day. We must be doing something right.

7 thoughts on “Solid Decisions

  1. Please don’t torture yourself about decisions you make for your baby compared to what the “militant” advocacy groups demand you do. Being a bit facetious there, but I tire of certain groups shaming moms who are just trying to help their babies thrive because said mom didn’t use all natural, all the time. Not all babies are the same, not all families work the same. You are Gib’s mom, you are his best advocate, and with your Dr’s help, you can make the best decision for him. All others have no say in how you bring up baby. I breastfed both girls for about 6 months, supplemented with formula now and then, and then they went to solids and milk and juices. Guess what? They are now a junior in High School and a Sophomore in College. They are healthy, loving, kind young women. Your sweet babe will turn out just fine. And with that smile, he’s gonna be a lady killer!! Blessings to you and your sweet family.

  2. We all know Gibson is an advanced form of Human. (Maybe because Daddy is part Robot?) So he has advanced feeding needs. Solids: They’ve got what Gibs’ craves. In other news, I recently found out that I come from a family of wet nurses on my mother’s side so I’m hoping my ladies won’t let me down!

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