One Mississippi, Two Mississippi…

This is something I started doing back when Gibs and I were co-sleeping and night nursing. He’d wake with a wet diaper or just hungry and I’d finagle him into a position for latching on. Often this position would be … Continue reading


I saw my rheumatologist yesterday. His first question was, “Are you still breastfeeding?” Are we? Sort of. Gibson will only sit still and latch on long enough to actually nurse at night when he’s sleepy. Otherwise, he will only accept … Continue reading

Milk Marathon

I’m still on the low supply bandwagon over here. That’s me (symbolically) up there. Old 102 barely trudging along. I’ve talked to a representative from my local chapter of La Leche League as well as a lactation consultant at the … Continue reading

Milk Mist: Supply, Cycle & Fustration

If you’re not cool with reading about menstruation, skip this post. Seriously, just turn away. Now. I did warn you. Soooooo, TMI time. I think my period is coming back. Almost seven months postpartum. But I’m on the mini pill, which … Continue reading

Solid Decisions

As I mentioned in my post earlier this week, Gibson has started solids. Yes, I know the World Health Organization recommends nothing but breast milk until six months. Yes, I realize that Gibs is only five months old. Unfortunately, thanks … Continue reading

The Let-Down Low-Down

So breastfeeding. That shit’s weird, right? At least that’s how I feel about it. Ever since I saw the first evidence of what my body was capable of, I’ve oscillated between “what the hell?!” and “how freaking cool am I?” … Continue reading