Mom-ing with Menus

It’s not rocket science or reinventing the wheel, but recently I’ve been getting hella into monthly menu planning. March was/is crazy. I had a pledge drive at my 9-5 job, and Gibs turned 2 years old halfway through the month. … Continue reading

Ever Since The Day You Put My Heart in Motion…

My mother had a great music collection. I would sit in front of her CD organizer and re-arrange the discs so many different ways. Sometimes all the holiday records together. Sometimes by the year they were released. Sometimes by the … Continue reading

I’m Not Fine, and I Know It

As if it weren’t already fairly obvious with the lack of posts, I’m still treading water over here. I feel like I don’t know who I am or what I’m doing most of the time. But I’ve taken steps to … Continue reading

Flashy & Flawless

You know, I still don’t feel like Kristin. I don’t know who I am sometimes. How long does an identity crisis last after you’ve had a baby? How long does it take to transition and feel comfortable as both the … Continue reading

Gotta DASH

It’s amazing what a difference a real doctor makes. I went to my general practitioner back when I started feeling really terrible and learned that I had high blood pressure. Before Christmas he changed my meds, and they started causing … Continue reading

Accidental Hiatus

So I accidentally took two weeks off from the blog. Sorry about that. I’ve been having some health issues that are really fatiguing me. Plus running my Jamberry business is taking a lot of energy too. AndĀ Gibson is almost walking, … Continue reading

Letters to Gibson: Ten Months

Dear Gibson, I have been putting this letter off for a while. Just a smidge too long. Because I’m in denial that you’re growing up. As much as I don’t want to admit it…you’re not a baby anymore. You stand … Continue reading

I Am The Elephant in Your Ballroom

Not sure if it’s the weather, my sleep habits, hormones or what…but I have been having the weirdest dreams lately. A couple of nights ago I dreamed I was standing in a gorgeous ballroom with the Queen of England. The … Continue reading