Flashy & Flawless

You know, I still don’t feel like Kristin. I don’t know who I am sometimes. How long does an identity crisis last after you’ve had a baby? How long does it take to transition and feel comfortable as both the … Continue reading

Mob Mama

He said “dada” first. I knew he would. I was okay with this. Finally, after what seemed like weeks of just “dadadadadada” all the time, he said “mama.” But not as often as he said “dada.” And that was okay, … Continue reading

Letters to Gibson: Seven Months

Dear Gibson, Didn’t I just hit the publish button on your six month letter? Now that the summer is over, it’s like time has sped up. And you are just growing like a weed which adds to the sense of time … Continue reading

Office Tabata

You haven’t lived until you’ve done squats with overhead press using a ream of copy paper as weight. While I was doing just that last week,  it occurred to me that working out in the office is actually not easy. … Continue reading

Belly Dancing While Pregnant

Belly Dancing While Pregnant

I have been dancing for years now. I’m not the best or strongest dancer out there. But I’ve always thought myself adequate and have thoroughly enjoyed dancing. It’s definitely more of a struggle now. Not only do I have the … Continue reading

Henna Hair Color

Sometimes you really just need a change, you know? I think I was actually meant to have been born a red head, but it wasn’t in my genetics. But there are just days when you can’t shake the feeling that … Continue reading

Introducing POP Infertility Editor- Kristin L. Beno!

POP Infertility posted an introduction by yours truly. You can read the in-depth article here! In keeping with our little tradition over the past couple of weeks, I’m posting an interview of the final member of the POP editor triumvirate- moi! Donna … Continue reading

Introducing POP Infertility Editor, Donna Mortensen!

POP Infertility posted an introduction by editor, Donna Mortensen. You can read the in-depth article here! Donna and I first met through our mutual love of belly dance at a cafe in Maryland. Eventually we found we had a love … Continue reading

Creativity in Infertility & Top Secret Project Reveal!

Creativity in Infertility & Top Secret Project Reveal!

RESOLVE posted this article on their Facebook page. As I read Grief and Growing: Creative Outlets to Grieving During Infertility, I was struck by how much the article applied to me. Written by Beth Jaeger-Skigen, a licensed clinical social worker, the article … Continue reading