Belly Dancing While Pregnant

belly-dancing-while-pregnanI have been dancing for years now. I’m not the best or strongest dancer out there. But I’ve always thought myself adequate and have thoroughly enjoyed dancing.

It’s definitely more of a struggle now.

Not only do I have the fatigue to plan for, now I have to re-learn how to eat before a performance. Well, re-learn how to eat period. Meals are no longer how much you put on your plate. They are now about half of what I would have eaten previously. Then I have to eat again an hour later. So this could cause problems on stage.

Exercise also brings on heartburn. So that makes things difficult. And I breathe much harder doing the simplest exercise. So I look like I’m panting instead of enjoying myself. Stamina is way, way down. And until recently, I had morning sickness periodically throughout the day.

After my first pregnant performance, I fell into a chair backstage. I was panting like I’d run a marathon instead of danced for eight minutes. But I’ve been told that I’m “glowing” on stage, so I guess that’s the trade off.

First Pregnant Performance-cropped

“When you got the glow, you feel the one,
When you got the glow, Your body’s gold,
So don’t let go, of the power of elevation.”

But I hope to continue dancing throughout my pregnancy. Belly dance is low impact and originally intended to firm and tone the muscles you need in child birth. Plus, I love it and wouldn’t want to just stop dancing. I’ll keep going until my body orders me to stop.

And while we’re on the subject of dancing, I wanted to post this from last night’s Dancing with the Stars. Give it up for curvy girl Amber Riley! She’s fierce!!!!! Who doesn’t love to see a woman with a figure show off her moves?

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