Bad Analogies & Metaphors

The idea of planting a garden this spring is right up there with building a space shuttle for NASA in how impossible it would be for me. Checking my office voicemail is to neurosurgery as curing cancer is to achieving world peace. My depression has me living an unbalanced analogy. Continue reading


Flashy & Flawless

You know, I still don’t feel like Kristin. I don’t know who I am sometimes. How long does an identity crisis last after you’ve had a baby? How long does it take to transition and feel comfortable as both the … Continue reading

I Am The Elephant in Your Ballroom

Not sure if it’s the weather, my sleep habits, hormones or what…but I have been having the weirdest dreams lately. A couple of nights ago I dreamed I was standing in a gorgeous ballroom with the Queen of England. The … Continue reading

Mob Mama

He said “dada” first. I knew he would. I was okay with this. Finally, after what seemed like weeks of just “dadadadadada” all the time, he said “mama.” But not as often as he said “dada.” And that was okay, … Continue reading

Belly Dancing While Pregnant

Belly Dancing While Pregnant

I have been dancing for years now. I’m not the best or strongest dancer out there. But I’ve always thought myself adequate and have thoroughly enjoyed dancing. It’s definitely more of a struggle now. Not only do I have the … Continue reading

How to Survive Mother’s Day- The HFM Method

If I really meant this post as true advice, I’d have posted it before Mother’s Day came and went.  So maybe implement this for next year.  However, I sincerely hope if this applies to you that you won’t need this … Continue reading

HFM Hits The Road: Part 3- Wrap It Up; I’ll Take It

HFM Hits The Road: Part 3- Wrap It Up; I’ll Take It

So sore.  Those are the first words that I typed.  And I’m going to leave them there because I think they are appropriate.  Also, certified.  So certified!  As you can see above, my troupe mates and I became utterly certified … Continue reading

HFM Hits The Road: Part Two- My Dance Saga Continues

HFM Hits The Road: Part Two- My Dance Saga Continues

So I came to Michigan to study American Tribal Style Belly Dance and attain my General Skills certification.  But the format has changed slightly.  And I’m so not complaining because THIS HAPPENED! Previously, General Skills was one long, four-day, 20-hour … Continue reading