Letters to Gibson: Two Months

Dear Gibson, You’re two months old as of this past Sunday (my first Mother’s Day!) and the first thing that comes to mind when I think of what to write to you is this. You can smile! The first time … Continue reading

How to Survive Mother’s Day- The HFM Method

If I really meant this post as true advice, I’d have posted it before Mother’s Day came and went.  So maybe implement this for next year.  However, I sincerely hope if this applies to you that you won’t need this … Continue reading

Singing The Femara Blues #itwillhappen

Singing The Femara Blues #itwillhappen

This post was supposed to be about some new technology I’ve recently acquired to assist in my writing ventures.  But the words wouldn’t come.  I had a really good opening line, but then— nothing. And the reason the muse refused … Continue reading