Mob Mama

Mob Mama-2He said “dada” first. I knew he would. I was okay with this. Finally, after what seemed like weeks of just “dadadadadada” all the time, he said “mama.” But not as often as he said “dada.” And that was okay, because we weren’t sure he really got what “dada” and “mama” even meant.

Now he knows. He says “hi, dada” during that first morning diaper change. And it makes my husband smile. It’s their thing. Gibson knows that The Man is Dada. I’ve been waiting to know for sure that Gibs knows who “mama” is.

Last night, I realized he knows. But when does he say it? Only when he’s upset.

11:30 PM last night, he wakes up with a wet diaper and an empty belly. Who does he call for? Mama. And there’s nothing more heartbreaking than hearing your baby call for you between sobs in the dead of night. If I hadn’t been woken from a stone cold sleep, I probably would have cried.

So to sum up, The Man gets smiles and coos with his title even when he does get dirty diaper duty. I get sobs and cries with my moniker as well as dirty diaper duty. *sigh* No one said parenting was glamorous.

In other news, this mama is ready for her re-entry into the glitter-filled world of belly dance. It’s been a while. But early bird registration has opened for Shimmy Mob. I’ve participated in the past though I skipped last year thanks to being a new mom. So in 2015, I jump back in.

But that means getting back in fighting shape. Thankfully, fighting shape in the belly dance world doesn’t mean a flat stomach or visibly toned muscles. But it does mean getting my core back in shape. Last night I did some shimmy drills and WOW am I ever out of practice. I remember how to do the moves, but they don’t look the same on my body any more. For that matter, my body doesn’t look the same any more.

One of the great things about being a mother, so far, is that I feel a lot more confidence in my body. Doesn’t matter that my torso is riddled with stretch marks. I made another person. And if I can do that, I can do anything. Including dance publicly again. I’m fierce. I’m flawless even with my flaws. Hell, I woke up like this! “BOW DOWN!!!”

Also, I drank the Kool-Aid and jumped on the Jamberry nail wraps train! So if you need last minute gifts for the folks in your life with a thing for gorgeous nails, order by December 10 for delivery before Christmas. And thank you for supporting me!

2 thoughts on “Mob Mama

  1. Tru said “dada” first too and he runs up to him, smiling saying “dadadada”. But I seldom hear “mama” unless he is crying or upset. I don’t know what’s up with that but he never cries for “dada” so I guess all’s fair in love and war. 🙂

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