Santa + Baby

Santa-BabyIt’s Gibson’s first Christmas! I might have already gone a tiny bit overboard on the pictures. So enjoy my photo dump post!

family smiles

Classic family Christmas shot

For me

For me?

Proud mama

Proud mama!

Santa PJs

Gibs can totally rock a santa hat!


Seriously cute!


Best gift under the tree!

Gibs Santa 2014 Border

The classic!

Also, check out my cool DIY craft project. I know it’s a bit simple, but I haven’t dallied in crafts much. Modge Podge is actually pretty awesome I’m coming to find. I have some cool ideas to dress up Gibson’s nursery with this miracle elixir. Stay tuned for that. But these ornaments costs way less than having Shutterfly or Snapfish make them for you. I was able to send one to every member of my side of the family for the cost of some scrapbook paper and wooden cutouts from Jo-Ann’s.









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