Dancers, Sisters- Tekkatek Tribal Promo Photos


As I may have mentioned here a couple or five times, I belly dance. And I love it. I’m all certified and stuff even. And let’s not even get into how much I spend on costuming, instruction, etc. So when I have visual proof, I have to show it off.

This year has been a bit of a whirlwind when it comes to my dance hobby. I traveled to Michigan and got my certification. I’ve left one troupe and joined up with two other dancers to form a new troupe: Tekkatek Tribal. You’d pronounce it Tek-Ka-Tek. It’s onomatopoeia for the sound your zils make when you play a triplet pattern (which for us is our most used pattern.) Most other dancers get the idea and think it’s cute. Or if they don’t, they haven’t said anything (double negatives, yeah.) 

Anyway, this past weekend we finally got a chance to take a few promotional photos for performances we have coming up in September. And I think they are just fabulous. They really capture our connection to each other as dancers and sisters. Beautifully shot and edited by Joe Hancuff of Modus Imagery & Design (check out his other work here!) I can’t tell you how pleased I am with the results!!

Trio Pose Smiling2

Smiles all around!

Trio Drum

It’s not quite a drum circle…yet.

There are a few more, but this picture is the one that really sums it up for me. I love the look on my face in this shot. And I love how we are all concentrating on different things in the picture. Different, but connected by a common goal. This is, bar none, my favorite pic of the bunch so far.

Trio Looking Away

So you should totally go like our new troupe page on Facebook. We’ll be posting about upcoming performances and just adding interesting dance tidbits along the way. Besides, we’re totally hot! Who wouldn’t want to see more pics like this showing up on their FB newsfeed? LOL!

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