52 Week Short Story Challenge: March Update

I got nothing. Zip. Zilch. Zero. Nada. The end of pregnancy, delivery and now new motherhood… well there’s just been no time to write. Even though I told myself I’d be able to keep up with this challenge, I haven’t … Continue reading

52 Week Short Story Challenge: January Update

(If you don’t know about the 52 Week Short Story Challenge, click here.) So far, so good! I have four short stories under my belt this month. And I think I’ll have a fifth before we get to January 31. … Continue reading

I Can Short Story and So Can You!

When I posted last week about my intent to participate in the 52 Week Short Story Challenge, I got a lot of positive responses. But, heartbreakingly, I also heard from fellow writers who felt they could not possibly try something … Continue reading

Ray Bradbury’s 52 Week Short Story Challenge

An indie author that I follow on Facebook just announced that she intends to do the 52 Week Short Story Challenge next year as issued by Ray Bradbury in 2001. Sounded like a good idea to me. But first, research. … Continue reading