Tigers & Transitions

So we’ve weaned. And that means my body doesn’t have to stay in a state of perpetual readiness to feed my boy. Which, for me, means a couple of things. First, bring on the margaritas. And second, it’s time to … Continue reading

Exercise in the Third Trimester

Seriously. Just… what? I can barely walk these days. I’ve had to bail on my group training because my pelvis wants to split in half at the mere thought of doing lunges. Even walking the hallways at work and taking … Continue reading

Inertia is a Property of Kristin

Inertia is a Property of Kristin

I used to watch Bill Nye the Science Guy all the time as a child.  And during the opening title screen music, one of the lyrics was, “Inertia is a property of matter.”  I had to ask my science teacher … Continue reading