The Induction Side Step

After my one night in triage, the¬†doctors were wary. They’ve had me come in twice more. That’s fair. Pre-eclampsia is a real thing, and I am so close to my due date. I’m happy to be more closely monitored these … Continue reading

Exercise in the Third Trimester

Seriously. Just… what? I can barely walk these days. I’ve had to bail on my group training because my pelvis wants to split in half at the mere thought of doing lunges. Even walking the hallways at work and taking … Continue reading

Third Trimester Musings

It’s been a while since I’ve done a post filled with disconnected musings. Central themes expounded upon in a series of paragraphs…who wants to read that when you visit a blog? Besides, a lot of the things that go down … Continue reading

30 Weeks… EEK!

For someone who never thought she’d ever even be able to get pregnant, I’m pretty darn pregnant. It’s a blessing that comes with swollen ankles and lumbering steps as I walk down the hall. ¬†In the mornings, I curse my … Continue reading