The Induction Side Step

The-Induction-Side-StepAfter my one night in triage, the doctors were wary. They’ve had me come in twice more. That’s fair. Pre-eclampsia is a real thing, and I am so close to my due date. I’m happy to be more closely monitored these last couple or so weeks.

But despite all the numbers being positive, the same doctor who wanted to induce because my fetus MIGHT have been 8 lbs at my 37 week ultrasound recommended an induction. He claimed this time that it was for my high blood pressure that he insists has been climbing over progressive weeks. Even though the scans are good! He still wanted to induce!

Who am I to argue with the doctor?

I’ll tell you who I am.

I’m the woman who cried all the way home from the hospital, ate half a pineapple and didn’t answer the phone when the doctor’s office called to schedule the induction.

BUT, after that pity party- I was the woman who flat out told the office I would not schedule the induction.

Then my husband came with me to my next appointment to be my backup. He was possibly more angry about the proposed induction than I was. When we explained what happened at the hospital, this doctor’s opinion was entirely different from the first doctor’s. Thank goodness!

So, no induction unless we actually have a bad scan. And this doctor is waiting until at least 41 weeks before considering an induction. I can live with that. All I want is a fair chance at a normal, natural birth.

According to the second doctor, who was speaking to us at her own practice, it is the hospital’s policy to induce between 37 and 39 weeks if hypertension is suspected. So the doctor I spoke to in the hospital that day was upholding the hospital’s policy. If I had taken the non-stress test at the practice, I would have gotten a completely different answer.

With all the semi-recent research revealing that pregnancy can go 2 weeks less or more than “normal,” you’d think doctors would reconsider their actions. But at least a few see sense. And maybe the first doctor was bowing to hospital policy pressure. Still, I don’t want him to be on call when I go into my normal, natural labor on my own!

Since all of that happened last week, I have dilated to 1 cm and lost my mucus plug. So hopefully we’ll start labor on our own soon. Maybe even this week. I’d like to beat our March 21 deadline if at all possible. And even though I’ve never done this before, I have this feeling that we probably will. Not sure why I think that but I do.

In the mean time, I’m drinking tons of Red Raspberry Leaf tea and taking my Evening Primrose Oil capsules. And yes, eating more pineapple. 😀

3 thoughts on “The Induction Side Step

  1. Good luck! So excited for you and I can’t believe it is already here! Your pregnancy flew by (for me anyway)! The last few days of waiting are the worst but you sound like you are good waiting for whenever he is ready! Good for you for sticking up for yourself! Get rest and enjoy the last few days of being kicked from the inside (you will miss it and it will feel weird that it isn’t happening anymore)!!!

    • I am so torn between wanting to meet this little guy and not wanting to give up the kicks and baby hiccups. But thank you for the support. Reading other mother’s opinions and experiences gave me the courage to tell the doctors they were wrong. I feel like we made the right choice even though it felt like I was going against medical advice initially. 😀

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