Mom-ing with Menus

It’s not rocket science or reinventing the wheel, but recently I’ve been getting hella into monthly menu planning. March was/is crazy. I had a pledge drive at my 9-5 job, and Gibs turned 2 years old halfway through the month. … Continue reading

Ever Since The Day You Put My Heart in Motion…

My mother had a great music collection. I would sit in front of her CD organizer and re-arrange the discs so many different ways. Sometimes all the holiday records together. Sometimes by the year they were released. Sometimes by the … Continue reading

Barbados: One Way

I was going to start this post with why I’m so exhausted. Work, etc. But really, who wants to read a list of why I don’t feel like writing a real post? I don’t, and I’m writing it. Everyone has … Continue reading

Just Surviving

It’s cold. Really cold. And I’m still sick to boot. It snowed a couple days ago, but now all the pretty white stuff has melted and combined with the dirt and muck to make a layer of gray awful over … Continue reading