Barbados: One Way

BarbadosI was going to start this post with why I’m so exhausted. Work, etc. But really, who wants to read a list of why I don’t feel like writing a real post? I don’t, and I’m writing it. Everyone has their own set of problems. No one comes to the internet intending to immerse themselves in other people’s issues right? We come here looking to commiserate maybe, but not take on more stuff.

So I’m thinking about escape. Running away. Taking the family somewhere warm where we can all pretend there isn’t a mountain of work waiting for us when the trip is over. That’s just not in the budget. But a girl can dream.

My buddy showed me this video yesterday, and I can’t stop watching it. She is me right now! I want to be her!

There is some strong sexual innuendo and imagery throughout the video, so maybe don’t watch this one at work if your boss can see your monitor.

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