Rock Collector

rock-collectorIt started during the work day. A nagging, hot stabbing pain like being poked by a blunt stick that was also for some reason near a fireplace for a few minutes but not exactly on fire. And I thought…could this be a kidney stone?

Now I have no question in my mind that this pain that comes and goes each day is a kidney stone. But so far its nothing like the pain The Man has described when he has had kidney stones. And he’s had a few. And by a few I mean many. Starting in his teens. So he’s an expert on ’em.

I thought that when you had a kidney stone, you would be in constant, unbearable pain until the stone passed. But this hasn’t been like that at all. It’s more annoying than anything. Sometimes it’s miserable, but it’s not so bad I’m unable to function. Which makes me wonder if the pain is something else.

But now I can feel it moving across my back. Which brings me back to kidney stone.

Taking care of a baby while nursing a kidney stone? It sorta sucks. But not as badly as I thought it would. Picking him up out of his crib sometimes gives me a twinge. And crawling after him on the floor can be harder than normal.

So that’s my life right now. What’s going on in yours? Have you ever dealt with a kidney stone? Got any tips for me? Thanks!

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