What A Difference A Nap Makes!


Sleep when the baby sleeps. Sleep when the baby sleeps. Don’t clean the house. Don’t worry about showering. Everyone knows, YOU SLEEP WHEN THE BABY SLEEPS!

I didn’t know how hard that edict was going to be to follow. For some reason, it’s taken me 10 days into parenthood to “get it.” If Gibson is napping at 10 AM there’s no shame whatsoever going back to bed even though we just woke up at 8 AM.

So even though I’ve had all the opportunities in the world, I’ve only managed to sleep when Gibson sleeps once in his tiny life. And when I attempted a repeat performance the next day, I couldn’t get settled. *sigh*

Yes, I’ve checked out a “how to help baby sleep” book from the library. It ‘a worth a shot. Seriously considering moving to SAFE co-sleeping as that has been our most successful napping method so far.

That birth story I keep promising is coming, folks. Eventually. I swear.

9 thoughts on “What A Difference A Nap Makes!

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