Now That Our Baby Has Ears…

My husband and I try to take a few minutes to talk directly to the baby every night. We knew when we found out we were four weeks pregnant that baby couldn’t hear us. Really, it was more an exercise … Continue reading

I’m Addicted to Honey Buns- The State of My State

Not swiss rolls. Not nutty bars. Not oatmeal cream pies. Not even ICED honey buns. They must be the 50¢, impulse-buy-near-the-check-out-lane-at-the-grocery-store honey buns. Yesterday, I tried to eat a cheese danish. Something I used to love. It’s just not the same. Honey … Continue reading

Introducing POP Infertility Editor- Kristin L. Beno!

POP Infertility posted an introduction by yours truly. You can read the in-depth article here! In keeping with our little tradition over the past couple of weeks, I’m posting an interview of the final member of the POP editor triumvirate- moi! Donna … Continue reading