I’m Addicted to Honey Buns- The State of My State

I'm-Addicted-to-Honey-BunsNot swiss rolls. Not nutty bars. Not oatmeal cream pies. Not even ICED honey buns. They must be the 50¢, impulse-buy-near-the-check-out-lane-at-the-grocery-store honey buns. Yesterday, I tried to eat a cheese danish. Something I used to love. It’s just not the same. Honey buns or nothing, folks.

Other things I crave? Tomatoes. Not sure why. And meatloaf. Oh and water. Lots and lots of water.

Things that aren’t so great right now? My morning routine of dry heaving after brushing my teeth. I’ve tried not eating beforehand. I’ve tried eating something small just to avoid catastrophe. Even what time of day I brush. Nothing helps. And it’s not like I’m shoving the toothbrush to the back of my throat. Just something about the mint and the brushing, and I know how the next five to ten minutes are going to be spent.

But no worries. I’m almost a pro at it now. And if the rumors are true, it should get easier the further I get into the second trimester. Unless that was all horrible lies from current mothers who don’t want to get your spirits down by telling you it continues until the moment of birth. But hopefully, that’s not the case.

At 13 weeks and some change, I still don’t think I’m showing. I have always had a belly, so I look less pregnant and more rolly polly. Which is fine because I love my body as is. But no one on the street would peg me as pregnant yet. And I’m really looking forward to that instant recognition of being preggers. I can only imagine it’ll be a good feeling.


Maybe it’ll be slightly less glamorous for me. Do you think Beyonce ate honey buns and dry heaved every morning with Blue Ivy?

6 thoughts on “I’m Addicted to Honey Buns- The State of My State

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