Two Years is a Long Time… But It Could Have Been Longer

Two-Years-Is-a-Long-TimeOn Tuesday I made my little announcement about finally getting pregnant. And a few hours later, I was reminded that it’s been a much longer struggle for so many other women. I know how much I’ve longed and despaired in my two years of active TTC. For other women who read this blog, my friends on Facebook, the struggle isn’t over.

It sounds cliché to say I feel guilty knowing how many other women want to be in my shoes at the moment. But it’s the truth. And nothing I can say would make those women feel better, honestly. I know it wouldn’t have helped me when I was in the thick of it.

Anything I could write here about how you have to keep trying. That luck will be on your side someday soon. That one day you will hold your baby in your arms, just seems trite in my mind. So I know it would sound hollow and placating to my TTC friends.

My focus is shifting from cycle day one and fertility meds, to dealing with morning sickness and thinking about the next ultrasound. And I know so many women who are still there. Still upset on cycle day one, still gaining hope as their cycle continues and still waiting for testing day with all the anticipation in the world.

So I guess what I’m really trying to say is that I realize I’m lucky. I understand that my journey could have been longer, with more heartbreak, more waiting and wanting. It was a fortuitous shot in the dark that just happened to work after so much else didn’t. And I have my friends and doctors to thank for it.

This song has been ringing through my mind as I write this post. Maybe it will offer some small comfort to anyone still struggling. It’s not easy. I know it’s not. I’ll try to remember it as I move forward with this blog. I promise.

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