Teething Trauma

So, Gibs will indeed get his two front teeth for Christmas. Will we survive to Christmas is now the question. Between extra hours at work and maintaining the house and starting a new business venture, I’m not sure if any … Continue reading

One Mississippi, Two Mississippi…

This is something I started doing back when Gibs and I were co-sleeping and night nursing. He’d wake with a wet diaper or just hungry and I’d finagle him into a position for latching on. Often this position would be … Continue reading

Just My Baby & Me

So The Man had a DJ gig over the weekend that kept him away from Friday night to Sunday night. Which means Gibs and I got some really good Mommy & Me time in. But oh man…oh man. Not having … Continue reading

When It Rains…

…It pours. That’s how the old saying goes, right? I wanted to post about Gibson’s swim lessons. Or about how pumping at work is going. Or some of the new recipes I’ve been working on. But I can’t. When something … Continue reading

Mama Said There’d Be Nights Like This

“I hope you have one just like you.” -Mom As I held Gibson in my arms at 2:30 in the morning for the fifth rousing of the night, all I could think was, “My mother would have been so vindicated … Continue reading

Letters to Gibson: Three Months

Dear Gibson, Let’s just get this one out of the way. TEETHING. You’re doing it. You started at around two months. There’s now a white bump under your bottom gums, and it’s torturing you. I hate it so much for … Continue reading