Just My Baby & Me

Just-Me-&-My-Baby-2So The Man had a DJ gig over the weekend that kept him away from Friday night to Sunday night. Which means Gibs and I got some really good Mommy & Me time in. But oh man…oh man. Not having someone to hand off to is rough. I know my mother managed to keep my sister and me alive during her single parenting days. But for the life of me, how did she manage when she knew no one was coming to help with bedtime or dinner time or bath time? Honestly, I haven’t really, REALLY, understood how good our situation is. Not until this weekend.

It didn’t help that my little man got his first ever tooth Friday morning right before The Man left. This made sleeping pretty difficult for Gibs. Poor little guy needed a teething ring all night and lots of nursing sessions. Wish I could take his baby pain away!

But, I planned lots of adventures for us so we’d be busy all weekend and hopefully not even notice that Dad was gone. We went shopping. We went out for meals at restaurants. We drove a lot. Had our normal swim class. And we even got to go to a birthday party!

Belle's First Birthday 1

Oh Gibs. Everyone was looking at the camera but you.

But we didn’t make it to the belly dance event I’d hoped we would attend. By Sunday afternoon, Gibs was spent and asking for his Dad every few waking moments. “Da, da, da, da, da, da, da…..” (He CAN say mama. He just never does it when he’s with me. He’s just a “grass is always greener” kind of kid, I guess.)

Quite honestly, I was ready for The Man to be home too. As nice as it was to have the bed to myself for two nights… I missed the guy. And I really miss being able to turn to him for a hand off when I need to pee.

All that said, Gibs and I had a pretty great weekend. He had a great time being held by all the different people at the party. He’s such a social guy. And he’s pretty cute with that tiny tooth poking out of his gums. Though I have to admit that I’m REALLY looking forward to spending this weekend together as a family.

2 thoughts on “Just My Baby & Me

  1. Yes it’s a lot of work doing it all alone. DH frequently goes fishing for the whole.entire.day and I get dawn to dark baby care. It’s hard being 100% in charge all day. I start to really wish I could have a few minutes where I am not in charge. Just a few, very sanity restoring minutes. 😉

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