Walk of Hope 2014 Wrap-Up

It was gray and drizzling at 7 AM when we loaded up the car to head down to National Harbor for this year’s Walk of Hope. Gibson quickly became angry in the car seat and let us know for the … Continue reading

Going Rogue

That’s right. I’m becoming Rogue of the X-Men. I knew that being a mother was sorta like being a superhero. At least to the person you birthed. But I didn’t know my transition to mutanthood was going to start so early. … Continue reading

The Walk of Hope- June 21, 2014

Okay. Wow. This post was supposed to be about how The Man and I will be participating in the Walk of Hope again this year and how you can help. And it still is. But the thing is… we already … Continue reading

Letters to Gibson: Three Months

Dear Gibson, Let’s just get this one out of the way. TEETHING. You’re doing it. You started at around two months. There’s now a white bump under your bottom gums, and it’s torturing you. I hate it so much for … Continue reading

National Infertility Awareness Week 2014

A year ago, I wrote about National Infertility Awareness Week and how it falls the same week as my birthday. And, of course, that’s the case this year as well. I thought about calling up the good folks at RESOLVE and asking … Continue reading

Implantation Bleeding or Cycle Day One?

Implantation Bleeding or Cycle Day One?

Hell if I know. Last night I went from laughing and dancing to despair in one trip to the bathroom. Some of my favorite ladies came over for belly dance practice, but after my bathroom break and finding evidence of … Continue reading