Going Rogue

Going-RogueThat’s right. I’m becoming Rogue of the X-Men. I knew that being a mother was sorta like being a superhero. At least to the person you birthed. But I didn’t know my transition to mutanthood was going to start so early.

Gibson had just hit the three month mark when I noticed the two gray hairs in the mirror at work. At first I wondered if I had just spotted particularly blonde highlights. But under the cold-burning florescent lights of the bathroom, I told myself the truth. Those were definitely gray hairs and no amount of pretending they were blonde was going to change that.

Surprisingly, I just felt a little vindicated. Sort of like I had arrived. I was truly a mother now because I had gray hairs. That doesn’t count the two in my eyebrow. These are going to be full strands of glistening gray that will fall to frame my face as they grow out.

My mother used to say that my sister and I caused all her gray hairs. I’m sure she’s right. I never thought I’d be happy to see gray hairs. But not everyone has the honor of living to the point that all the pigment leaves their hair. It’s a privilege to make it this far. I won’t squander it. I hope I go completely white and enjoy watching my grandchildren playing on my front porch some summer a long time from now.

So far, I haven’t found the eyes in the back of my head that my mother also swore she had. I could use ’em right about now as Gibson is getting closer and closer to being able to turn himself over. He can only get from his back or belly to his side right now. But I’m sure it’s only days away. Then we’re talking the beginnings of mobility. I could definitely use some mutant powers to keep him safe. I could Jean Grey the hell out of some telekinesis from across the room just as he’s heading toward a electrical outlet.

Maybe the eyes in the back of the head were figurative. Or just the way my mother described her “spidey sense.” I guess I’ll just have to use conventional methods to keep Gibson as safe as possible until my mutant powers come to full realization.

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4 thoughts on “Going Rogue

  1. I’m 32 and at least 25% of my hair is gray =( I dye for vanity these days, no longer for fun. I refuse to be gray right now. And being a brunette, unfortunately I can’t really go blonde/gray.

    • I wonder if I’ll feel so full of myself when I get to the 25% coverage point. With just a few strands, I feel a little dignified and classy. But yeah, the henna might come back if I find a whole pocket of gray.

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