Going Rogue

That’s right. I’m becoming Rogue of the X-Men. I knew that being a mother was sorta like being a superhero. At least to the person you birthed. But I didn’t know my transition to mutanthood was going to start so early. … Continue reading

The Walk of Hope- June 21, 2014

Okay. Wow. This post was supposed to be about how The Man and I will be participating in the Walk of Hope again this year and how you can help. And it still is. But the thing is… we already … Continue reading

Birthday Blog Post: Babies & Margaritas

So it’s 4:14 AM on my birthday. I just fed the baby and then tip-toed away to write this up for you guys. I’m 32 today! Break out the noisemakers and streamers! Comparing my last birthday to this one…there’s no … Continue reading

Walk of Hope Washington DC 2013 Wrap Up

The Walk of Hope was this past Saturday, June 22 at National Harbor, MD. Not sure why it’s the DC walk when it actually occurs in Maryland, but honestly we’re all so close to each other I suppose it doesn’t … Continue reading

The Walk of Hope – June 22, 2013

The Walk of Hope – June 22, 2013

I’ve thrown out a few tidbits on the HFM Facebook page and twitter, and mentioned it within a couple of other posts. But until today, I have not written an entire post about the fundraising the hubby and I are doing … Continue reading

What Will You Do When You Succeed?

What Will You Do When You Succeed?

Tuesday was cycle day one for me. Yet another failed cycle. I was definitely angry about it. I thought for sure we were in the zone this time. I had what I thought was implantation bleeding a week before, but … Continue reading