The Walk of Hope – June 22, 2013

Walk of Hope LogoI’ve thrown out a few tidbits on the HFM Facebook page and twitter, and mentioned it within a couple of other posts. But until today, I have not written an entire post about the fundraising the hubby and I are doing for The Walk of Hope. Since it’s our first year, I’ve tried to keep the goal modest. I think I can reach $75. But it would help a lot of if other people going through infertility, who understood our struggle, threw a couple of bucks our way.

It’s not my goal to be the highest fundraiser. But I do want to support this noble cause. The organization that hosts The Walk of Hope is RESOLVE. Their  goal is “to improve the lives of women and men with infertility.” They advocate within the political system for the rights of women and men coping with infertility by lobbying states to add laws that force insurance companies to cover infertility treatments.

RESOLVE also provides material to people who want to begin infertility support groups in their area or are looking for an already existing group. I have not availed myself of this service yet, but I will soon. And for those newly diagnosed with infertility or touched by someone who is, there’s lots of information on their website about options such as adoption, IVF, IUI, fertility medications, insurance coverage, surrogacy and finally, living child free.

This organization and event is all about infertility advocacy, awareness and the dispersal of information. And those are services I want to support. The walk is this Saturday. If you have the ability, please send a dollar or two to Team Hungry for Motherhood. We’re 53% of the way to our goal. I would love to attend the walk this weekend knowing we hit 100%. There’s no set amount you have to give.

Additionally, the DC Walk of Hope has received a challenge from a anonymous supporter. If we are able to raise $5000 as a whole, this challenger will give a matching donation of another $5000. That’s $10K that RESOLVE will use to help struggling couples find insurance and medical information, support groups and adoption pointers. Please choose to be a part of that.

You can give quickly and easily online through RESOLVE’s secure, encrypted web page. Give your name to be displayed on the  Fundraising Honor Roll or choose to give anonymously. Every little bit helps women and men who are currently struggling with infertility or those who will be diagnosed next.

As a side note, I took the time this past Tuesday to watch Katie Couric’s show Katie. The show’s topic was infertility. I didn’t learn anything new; however, it was good to see celebrities and even a super model speak up about their struggle. I thought Couric did it right by interviewing the well known folks right beside normal people like you and me who have struggled for five or ten years without the benefit of tons of money to go directly to the IVF or surrogacy options.

To this day, I think this is the only show on television that has gone head on with a discussion about infertility. Most day time television involving children centers around unplanned pregnancy when it is addressed at all: I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant, Teen Mom, Raising Hope, etc. Maybe there’s a soap opera story line that involves infertility, but I haven’t seen it.

That is why we need RESOLVE and good folks like Katie Couric to bring our stories to light. And my partners and I are doing our best with the new POP Infertility Journal. But the time and effort it takes to bring awareness and to advocate for people dealing with infertility takes funding. If you have the ability, please make a donation, in any amount. Every little bit helps. Thank you!

Support Team Hungry For Motherhood at RESOLVE's DC Walk of Hope Saturday, June 22. Click her to make a donation. Thank you!

Support Team Hungry For Motherhood
at RESOLVE’s DC Walk of Hope Saturday, June 22.
Click here to make a donation. Thank you!

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