Walk of Hope 2014 Wrap-Up

Walk-of-Hope-2014-Wrapup-2It was gray and drizzling at 7 AM when we loaded up the car to head down to National Harbor for this year’s Walk of Hope. Gibson quickly became angry in the car seat and let us know for the first half of the drive down. He did finally fall asleep in the car, but when we arrived in National Harbor, he became moody again. He cried up and down the mile long walk. He needed a diaper change at the 1/2 mile marker. And I had to stop to feed him at the 3/4 mile marker. Ultimately, we ended up walking back to the balloon arch dead last.

The morning was exhausting. But don’t feel sympathy for us. Because we were surrounded by men and women who would have given their eye teeth to be in our position. All the sleepless, teething nights, all the dirty diapers, all the crying in car seats and baleful, baby glares during bath time, they’d have taken it all on gratefully. Eagerly, even.

A year ago we participated in the Walk of Hope with the tiniest little blessing blooming inside me. We would have been, literally, one day pregnant at last year’s event. Maybe doing the walk, and all the good will we felt that day, is what secured us our sticky egg. And a year later, our lives are utterly, completely changed. Even though the last few weeks have been difficult with Gibson teething and growing, we wouldn’t change it for anything.

With your help, Team Hungry For Motherhood raised $175- well over our $100 goal. THANK YOU!

Team HFM 100+Huge thank you to everyone who contributed!!!

Becky S.
Bruce & Lola B.
Tim, Erin & Bjorn
The Rickster
My co-workers
The Man
And one very special anonymous donor

You guys are amazing! You blew our goal right out of the water. At this rate, I’ll have to try for $200 next year. And every dime went to the good work that RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association does daily. Your combined donations train local support group leaders and educate volunteers who want to speak to our lawmakers about the rights of people struggling to build their families.

Here are the few pictures I was able to take at the walk. Having a baby in your arms makes picture taking a little more difficult.

2014-06-21 09.12.55

This sculpture looks like it’s going to eat the participants!

2014-06-21 09.12.53

Another shot of walkers passing through the balloon arch starting point.


We forgot to get a shot of the three of us together. Thankfully I can just paste these two pics into one. Our recipe card apron costume didn’t win Most Creative this year. But hey, you can’t win two years in a row!

Walk of Hope 2014 Start Line

Taken by a RESOLVE staffer at the starting line. We were rocking those aprons!!!

Hopefully more pictures will show up in RESOLVE’s Flickr account soon. We were in the 2013 album. 😀

Thank you for supporting The Walk of Hope. From the bottom of my heart. It means a lot to me to know there are people who read our story and are moved enough to donate. As with any non-profit organization, RESOLVE will take your donation anytime. If you want to make a contribution even though the walk is done, feel free. They won’t turn you down. And you’ll be adding a little bit of hope to someone’s life.

Our dream came true. But not everyone has had the same luck. And I’m going to keep walking for them until affordable access to all family building methods is available to everyone.

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