All The Gibs, All The Time

All-The-GibsI’m tapped. I am: Tired. Over-caffeinated. Lactating. Working full-time. And it’s okay. I’m managing. Gibs is thriving.

But I’ve not got a lot left for witty, thoughtful posts about life as a new mom. Or even a recipe that I’ve tried recently.

Thankfully, I know something that always satisfies: pictures of The Gibster.

Gibs 5 months 5Gibs 5 months 2Gibs 5 months 3Gibs 5 months 1Gibs 5 months 4

And to top it all off… adorable video!!!!

Thanks to The Man for taking pictures of our son yesterday afternoon. I can’t believe how much Gibs has changed in only five months. Dad-Gibs

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