Alton Brown’s Refrigerator Pie

Alton Brown Refrigerator PieI am a pretty big fan of quiche. It’s simple and quick, but always seems to make me feel like I’m classing things up for some reason. Maybe because the word is French. Or maybe it’s because quiche is not something we made in my family growing up. I was only exposed to it when I got older and discovered there is a meal out there between breakfast and lunch. And that you could have mimosas during that meal.

Adding alcohol to a meal including both breakfast and lunch fare… that’s totally classy!

You really can’t go wrong when you make a quiche. Beat up some eggs, a little milk (or heavy cream or half-n-half,) salt, pepper, store bought pie crust and any left over tidbits from your fridge. Which is why I think Alton Brown prefers to just call it what it really is: refrigerator pie. When you make a quiche, you clean out the fridge of all the odds and ends.

There’s three spears of broccoli left over from last night’s vegetable side? Chop it up and throw it in! A little bit of shredded cheese from Tuesday’s nachos? Into the pie! That half of a pork chop that you made over the weekend, and it’s just not quite enough to make a meal? You guessed it.

Then pour eggs over the whole shebang and bake. Nothing could be easier! Especially if you’re a fan of store bought pie crust in disposable tin pans like I am. And you look prepared if you suddenly have a Sunday morning guest that you weren’t expecting. As long as you have eggs, a frozen pie crust and three filling items- you look like Martha Stewart. Without the criminal background. Or with, if you prefer.

I’m still trying to get off my duff and freeze some meals for after the baby’s birth. Quiche (or refrigerator pie) is super easy, but also freezes well. And instead of waiting until my left-overs start to grow mold and throw them away, I actually use them in another dish. So that’s saving money.

Now Alton Brown’s recipe is very easy since he likes to use the store bought pie crusts too. Really, his recipe is more a free verse poem. Instead of hard guidelines, he has a list of possible filling combinations. Choose any three, and you’re golden. And it’s just my opinion, but I HIGHLY suggest that one of your three filling ingredients be cheese.

In the picture above of my most recent quiche, I used chopped spinach, swiss cheese and hardwood smoked bacon. The spinach was originally frozen (and thawed and drained,) but fresh would work nicely as well (especially if it were cooked down in bacon fat.) I just shredded the swiss cheese. And the bacon should be cooked and crumbled into the pie before you pour in the egg mixture and bake.

It’s so easy, but this is one of those recipes that looks like you worked hard on it. You can serve it at room temperature so it’s great for a brunch. Impress your relatives next time they show up unannounced. Take it for the next gathering you’re invited to. Or freeze that bitch to enjoy later when your significant other is out of town, and you want to treat yourself.

What’s the craziest combination of ingredients you can think of for a quiche? Alton Brown lists Spam on his filler list. That’s a bit much for me.

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