No Time for Pumpkins, Dr. Jones

I’m still buried under work for my 1st shift job, and my second shift boss is a little tyrant. So I have no time for proper posts. But I wanted to reblog my pumpkin pie recipe from last year with … Continue reading

Pumpkin Pie Done Right

I just can’t help it. Normally I wouldn’t get into this mood until we were solidly in September. But it’s just been so mild here these last days of August that my mind is thinking about the turning of the … Continue reading

Pie-n-Tea Parties: An HFM Coping Technique

Pie-n-Tea Parties: An HFM Coping Technique

Last year, I very briefly mentioned an event that has become a regular thing in my life.  It’s called a Pie-n-Tea Party.  And the name has a pretty decent story behind it. I was filling my friend Tim’s poor eye … Continue reading