Chamomile & Cold Fear

Can we talk for just one minute about this incredible fear that I’ve been feeling lately? Thanks. You’re sweet for listening. Now don’t freak out when I grab your hand across the table, almost spilling our chamomile and burst into … Continue reading

Never Not Broken

Sorry to write so many “woe is me” posts in a row. But it’s just what’s coming out right now. I’m so angry at the moment. Nothing makes me feel better. Just a lot of pent up frustration. I feel … Continue reading

Pie-n-Tea Parties: An HFM Coping Technique

Pie-n-Tea Parties: An HFM Coping Technique

Last year, I very briefly mentioned an event that has become a regular thing in my life.  It’s called a Pie-n-Tea Party.  And the name has a pretty decent story behind it. I was filling my friend Tim’s poor eye … Continue reading