Cycling Together

One thing you begin to notice when you’re seeing a reproductive endocrinologist is that your cycle is in sync with others. With the repeated months of attempts and failures, you see a lot of the same women over and over again. You … Continue reading

What’s 15% on a Miracle?

After having gone to yet another early morning ultrasound on June 20, I stopped at Subway to buy a sandwich for lunch later. Getting in late means skipping your lunch break after all. I was already late, stopping for a … Continue reading

Never Not Broken

Sorry to write so many “woe is me” posts in a row. But it’s just what’s coming out right now. I’m so angry at the moment. Nothing makes me feel better. Just a lot of pent up frustration. I feel … Continue reading

Ask Me About My Za-hoon & Other Things I’ve Done to Increase My Fertility

Earlier this week, I mentioned that’d I’d had a Za-hoon treatment at a Korean bath house in my area.  Now it’s time for the big reveal.  A Za-hoon service is also called chai-yok, a V-steam or (let’s just call it what … Continue reading

It Will Happen: An HFM Experiment

It Will Happen: An HFM Experiment

When I started my freshman year of college, I took a class from Dr. Henry Parker to increase my chances of graduating.  It was technically listed as a Race & Ethics class, and those topics were addressed too, but honestly … Continue reading

Pie-n-Tea Parties: An HFM Coping Technique

Pie-n-Tea Parties: An HFM Coping Technique

Last year, I very briefly mentioned an event that has become a regular thing in my life.  It’s called a Pie-n-Tea Party.  And the name has a pretty decent story behind it. I was filling my friend Tim’s poor eye … Continue reading