Cycling Together

One thing you begin to notice when you’re seeing a reproductive endocrinologist is that your cycle is in sync with others. With the repeated months of attempts and failures, you see a lot of the same women over and over again. You … Continue reading

Positive OPKs, Working While TTC & Making Lists vs Making Tea

When this post goes live on Tuesday morning, I will be firmly ensconced at my temporary work station starting at 4 AM.  You see for pledge drives, even a one day pledge drive, I must set up a system of … Continue reading

OPK- Whose Line Is It Anyway?#itwillhappen

OPK- Whose Line Is It Anyway?#itwillhappen

I had a dream two nights ago in which I summoned the forces of nature to help with some landscaping. It was a bit of overkill. I mean a tsunami just to level out a yard? Come on Kristin-brain. But last … Continue reading