Mother of the Year: Episode II

My crown of parenting incompetence grows yet more tarnished. Allow me to relate to you the events of last night as I remember them. Do you mind if I smoke? Good, because I’m still a little shaky, and these old … Continue reading

Chamomile & Cold Fear

Can we talk for just one minute about this incredible fear that I’ve been feeling lately? Thanks. You’re sweet for listening. Now don’t freak out when I grab your hand across the table, almost spilling our chamomile and burst into … Continue reading

Baby Tights

Baby Tights

  Yesterday, I went shopping for a baby shower gift for a good friend.  Her shower is this weekend.  And I was doing just fine, thankyouverymuch, until I saw— baby tights. Logically, in my head, I’ve always known that there … Continue reading