HFM Hits the Road- American Tribal Style Dance Certification Part One

Welcome to MichiganToday, I’m blogging from Michigan.  I’m traveling with my belly dance diva girlfriends, Viva & Misha.  We drove from Maryland, and it took us a solid eight hours on two tanks of gas and three pit stops.  We travel like champs!

Pong Stars

Though we might not be
allowed back at this gas station.
But seriously, pong stars.
That needed to be documented.

But we’re here for serious business- General Skills certification for American Tribal Style Belly Dance.  This has been on my bucket list for a few years now.  I was too scared that I wasn’t ready for the challenge of 20 hours of intensive, full immersion training the first time the opportunity came around.  The second time, I signed up for the workshop, paid my deposit and then the class didn’t run because not enough folks signed up.  But this time, finally, five years later, everything has come to fruition.

This break from TTC (trying to conceive) has allowed me to focus on a lot of goals I had put aside.  I’ve been published in a literary journal.  My book is coming out this summer.  And now my most neglected hobby, dancing, is finally being given the attention it deserves.

When I’m done with this training, I can no longer hide behind any kind of lack of experience or expertise when it comes to performing.  After these four long days with the originator of ATS belly dance, I will no longer be allowed to ask myself, “do I know enough to consider myself competent for this performance?”  No more excuses.  No more hesitations.

It’s a terrifying, liberating, exhilarating experience, and I’m enjoying every moment.  These are just a few of my pics so far!

Troupe powers activate!

Troupe powers activate!


All the great food forever!

And this is how we get to sleep after five hours of dancing.

And this is how we get relief
after five hours of dancing.

Having gone back to address some of these hobbies that I’ve left to languish on the back burner has given me some perspective.  And knowing that I’m not leaving things undone, I think I can go into our second attempt with fertility treatments next month with a clearer mind, a purer heart and correct intention.  Not focusing on the process as much as the final outcome.  Letting go of the “how” and concentrating on what will be; whenever it will be.

By the way, Sunday was cycle day one for me.  And instead of feeling that awful pang like I usually do, I’m actually joyful with what I’m doing at the moment and fine with the fact that this month was not the one for me to become a mom-to-be.  It will happen, in its own time; when it’s meant to.

I’m concentrating on the “now.”  And right now, I’m getting in some quality time with great friends, learning a lot and becoming a more well-rounded person.  Oh and hitting the hot tub, because after five hours of dancing in a day- this body deserves some pampering.  Just need another glass of Sangria first.

Taking a break during GS training on Day One.

Viva and I take a quick break on
day one of GS Training.

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