Adventures in Cloth Diapering: Reporting From The Front Lines

After a few months of heavy use, I wanted to write up a post about how we’re doing in our cloth diapering adventure. At almost the five month mark, I feel good about our investment in cloth diapers. But there … Continue reading

Daily Diapering Practice or How to Save $800 a Year

I went through a lot of trouble to procure and prepare cloth diapers for Gibson before he was born. And now that we’re almost two months in, I thought I’d write an update about the experience for those who are considering or … Continue reading

Adventures in Cloth Diapering

Yes, we are taking the plunge and investing in a stash of cloth diapers. We’ll accept the awards and accolades that I’m sure society will just pour upon us like a Gatorade cooler over the coach’s head at the end … Continue reading