8 thoughts on “The Quickening!!!

  1. This brings me back! I remember it feeling EXACTLY like popcorn! How exciting! That is so fun 🙂 In just a couple of months he’ll be karate chopping you in the ribs… heehee

    • I was confused by the popcorn feeling because a lot of books say that it can feel like gas or butterflies in your stomach. And it wasn’t like that at all for me. 🙂 I don’t get many kicks yet, but I’m really looking forward to them.

      • It never felt like gas or butterflies to me either. I totally was like , omg a piece of popcorn just popped in my stomach. hahah. My mother in law said it would feel like a goldfish swimming… nope didn’t get that sensation either.
        Oh yea you will love the kicks. And the hiccups! (except when you’re trying to sleep).

  2. yep, just like popcorn. Soon it will feel more like something moving around in a sack, more a sliding and changing position feeling, like when the person next to you in bed rolls over. But be ready for some serious acrobatics!

    • HAHAHA! I will say now that I feel him moving everyday, it is definitely like something moving in a sack. I do not get many kicks yet, but I am looking forward to them. And I’m really looking forward to Willie being able to feel them too.

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