Even the Stars Tell Me to Wait

TaurusCycle day 31 with no sign of Aunt Flo.  Was tempted to test again this morning  but I held off.  I wouldn’t believe the results anyway.  So instead, I’m trying to funnel my energy in other directions.  Like baking muffins at 3:30 AM.  Anxiety dreams— who needs ’em?

Like many folks, I read my horoscope in the mornings.  It’s delivered to my Facebook feed daily.  And this was what was posted this morning:

Your subconscious mind is playing tricks on you today. Yes you should, no you shouldn’t, yes you should … you can’t make up your mind about anything right now. So why knock yourself out over it? If the choice is not a matter of life or death, you can afford to put it off for a bit.

Not that I put a lot of faith in horoscopes on Facebook that are accompanied by cartoon cows.  But I thought it was suspiciously timely.

Since we’re NTNP (Not Trying, Not Preventing) I shouldn’t even be holding out hope this cycle.  I should be concentrating on my belly dance solo this weekend.  Baking quiche for a work brunch tomorrow.  Hanging out with my friends and watching RiffTrax tonight.

And I will do those things.  But in the back of my mind, there will be a tiny place where I anxiously hope and pray and check and recheck— but not test.

Though I’ve decided that I most certainly will test before Valentine’s Day if mother nature doesn’t provide the conclusive evidence for me before then.  I wish I didn’t already have a cute idea to reveal auspicious information to my husband on Valentine’s Day.  But I do have a plan.  Even though I probably won’t have a reason to implement it.

Until then, no testing!  You heard the magical star cow!


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