Because Of Course Not


This is what cycle day one looks like at my house.


It’s for the best really.  I have the over time in March and the trip in April.  It would have been horribly inconvenient to be growing a tiny human during 14 hour shifts and eight hour car trips.  And yet…..


I hate February.  It’s the coldest month of the year in my book.  Winter is a horrible time to make babies.  What with scraping ice off of car windows and slippery side walks, there’s untold amounts of danger and damage to incur to growing fetuses.  It’s for the best really.

And you can’t drink a hot toddy when you’re pregnant.  Or drink hot coffee (well it’s up to the mother to decide that for herself.  No judgement here) without snotty looks from other women.  And waddling through snow is just a hassle.  And yet…..


Damn you brain!  You powerful organ with your ability to let me trick myself.  What with the fatigue and the dental issues and the skin problems, I had my uterus pegged as occupied.  I hate that I can do this to myself every month.  Every damn month.  For a year and four months.

I was even starting to feel guilty about this blog.  “How can you start it in November and then get pregnant in January?” I asked myself.  “You will have betrayed any readers you had garnered in that brief time.  They were looking for someone to commune with and you defected to the parental side,” I told myself.  Well, at least I don’t have to give myself grief about that anymore.  And yet…..


4 thoughts on “Because Of Course Not

  1. Oh hun, I’m so sorry for your disappointment! I know what you’re going through. Just take it easy and let’s hope this next cycle is yours! Much Love and Baby Dust to you 🙂

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