The Best Part of Super Bowl XL VII

I think we all know who really won last night’s Super Bowl.


Watch Beyonce at Super Bowl 2013 here.

I want to be her when I grow up.  Or I just want to rock a stage that hard one time in my life.  Or have a bunch of doppelgangers of myself doing my backup dancing.  Or maybe I was just so damn psyched to see an entire stage filled with women, playing all the instruments and then accidentally causing a power outage with their fierceness.

Also, what a class act bringing her partners in crime back for a Destiny’s Child reunion.   Mrs. Carter could have kept this opportunity to herself.  But instead she thought about her compatriots and, most importantly, her fans.  Class all the way.

alicia super bowl

Watch Alicia at Super Bowl 2013 here.

And speaking of class, I have so much love for Alicia Keys.  She looked stunning in her red gown, and she let those curves share her spot light.  That girl really is on fire.

I even have love for the NFL and CBS for choosing such great performers.  They could have chosen some up and coming little starlet lacking in hips with an over abundance of bust.  Instead they chose two women who are amazing, in their early thirties and mothers.  And no one rode on LMFAO’s shoulders. Super classy.

Also, congrats to the Baltimore Ravens.  My neighbor set off fireworks when they won last night.  The parade is tomorrow and traffic will be snarled, but I’ve never seen the town so happy.  Hell, I even bought the office donuts in celebration.

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