I’m Sorry I Laughed At Your Running Skirt

I'm-Sorry-I-Laughed-At-Your-Running-SkirtI truly am sorry for my thoughts about your skirt last year. The honest truth is that you looked adorable in it and I was a sweating, hulking mess after BodyVibe while your mascara hadn’t even streaked. So I consoled myself with the thought that at least I hadn’t worn a freaking tennis skirt to class. Only people who don’t take exercise seriously wear skirts to the gym. Or so I thought.

Then, last year, whilst hugely pregnant, I read Kelly’s blog post (Excitement on the Side) about why running skirts are important. And I got it. I realized that while the BodyVibe goddess might have been wearing her skirt for the fashion angle, there was another very good reason behind running skirts: postpartum incontinence.

Now, I’ve been quietly giving myself and my pelvic floor muscles a high five. We squeezed out a 9.5 lbs baby and hadn’t experienced any uncontrollable peeing. No seepage. WOOT! What hadn’t occurred to me is that my gym time has been significantly reduced. And that plays a factor in how well you and your kegels can manage.

Well, I’ve had my come to Jesus moment now. I am thoroughly chastised. Last week, I got off my tuckus and decided to jog for a bit on the treadmills at the gym. I prepared a bottle, got my son into his car seat, dropped him off with the onsite day care, found a happy hardcore mix on YouTube and tuned out. I’ve never been much of a speed demon. With my RA, it’s always hit or miss if my joints will cooperate with the high impact running. But that day was a good day for my ankles and knees, and I just really needed to blow off some steam.

I like to start my jog at 2.5 on the treadmill. Good clip for warming up. Let’s me mess with my cell phone and get the music going. After a couple of minutes I’ll up the speed to 3.2. That’s it, friends. I never really get higher than that. Maybe 3.5 if I want to get crunk. I know, you’re super impressed. So am I.

Anyway, I’m moseying along, grooving to the rhythmic thumping of rave music, and I think, “Man, I should have hit the bathroom first.” But I ignore it and keep the pelvic floor tight. Soon, I have to shift back down to 2.5 (Oh, I also can’t maintain a speed of 3.2 for more than two minutes or so at a stretch, FYI.) I catch my breath, turn the music up a little louder in my ear buds and shift up to 3.2 again. This feels great. I know I’ll be sore and my right foot is doing that thing it used to do when I was training for the Turkey Trot 5K so long ago, but just being at the gym doing SOMETHING makes me feel awesome about myself.

I had completely forgotten about how much I needed to pee earlier. But now that I’m back up to 3.2, the urge is back. When I am at the walking pace, I’m fine. But at a slight jog- I’m on the verge of losing my water! I made it through about two more intervals of running for two minutes at a go, but that was it. After that, it was walking until I hit the 40 minute mark.

Oh cruel fate. I mocked and now I’m in danger of being a mock-ee. I suspect that one day soon, I will reap that which I have sown. It will be a sad day. And so, I’m sorry I laughed at your running skirt BodyVibe goddess. I might be making an investment of my own soon. But first, I’m gonna try these. Got a sample in the mail before I ever had the baby. Now I just need to find them again.

2 thoughts on “I’m Sorry I Laughed At Your Running Skirt

  1. Orthodox Jewish Women wear skirts over their exercise clothing, too. Up in Park Heights you can see them jogging in leggings, knee length skirts, and pushing a twin baby stroller.

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