The Winner of The Diaper Check Giveaway!


Thanks to the three folks who commented on the contest blog post! It wasn’t my biggest drawing to date, but I suppose it’s sort of a niche prize. 🙂 However, for me it is just an invaluable little piece of tech to have on hand for those of us with tiny tykes in outfits too cute to take off when out and about. The Diaper Check is a lifesaver when I don’t want to take off baby’s overalls at the mall.

And now the winner…

Diaper Check Random Number

Congratulations to skirtfulloffire! I’ll be in touch for your address soon!

Sorry to those who didn’t win. However, The Diaper Check is available at the great price of only $12. I intend to include it with all baby shower gifts I give from this point forward.


FULL DISCLOSURE: If you choose to purchase a Diaper Check through any of the links I’ve provided, I will receive a small amount of compensation. Because I love my Diaper Check, I’ve joined its Sales Force program. However, I did purchase the prize with my own funds.

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