52 Week Short Story Challenge: February Update


I’d love to tell you all that I’m totally on top of my game right now. But, I could never lie to you. As I write this, I am currently three weeks behind on this challenge.

If I’m not exhausted, I’m creatively tapped. All this baby prep has really robbed me of access to my muse. Or maybe all my creative energy is now currently wrapped up in creating a new person.

All I know is that I owe almost a month’s worth of stories to myself, and I need to figure out a way to punch at least six words of fiction into a keyboard as soon as possible. Because I hear babies require lots of time and attention that might make me fall even farther behind. That could just be unsubstantiated rumor though.

If nothing else, let me share with you what I have written since the last 52 Week Short Story Challenge Update. I know I wrote last month that I was going to try to lay off the highly sexualized story content. But you know, one more for the road for Week Five I guess. 😀

Week Five

At last he came around the counter and I could hardly breathe. If I were ever going to make a move, I should do it now. But I was old enough to have baby sat this kid. What would he want with a soft in the middle 30-something anyway? He could have his pick of cheerleaders and sexy lab interns. I was just an old woman with coffee breath.

He was behind me heading for the neon “open” sign in the front window. Or so I thought while I stood facing the counter debating my next move. The lights went out as he finished his closing tasks. I felt his breath on my neck before he spoke.

“I might be mis-reading this, and you can slap me if I’m wrong,” he whispered in my ear in the dark.

I swallowed thickly, “You’re not wrong.”

There was a thick purr from his chest before he took my coffee cup away and moved it to the scone display case. He turned me to face him in the dark. My fingers scrambled to the buttons that separated me from my fantasy of tracing his stomach muscles. Before I finished, he picked me up and sat me on the counter. With him now firmly between my legs, I could reach the buttons again.

Week Six
42 Word Story Prompts

A love story set on a desert island

She was all around, absorbing and pulling
My essence from me
Commanding, denying, controlling
We lived by her rules and I had no say
I listened to her all night
All day
She provided and I partook
Surrounded, yet utterly alone

An absurdist take on Romeo & Juliet

“Let it go, bro.”
“I can’t! She was the one!”
“Ro, look at me. There’s gonna be fly honeys there.”
“Leave me alone, Merc. I just can’t.”
“I can’t! I love you.”
Their eyes lingered on each other’s a moment too long.

Missing: Weeks 7-9

Just a final thought. I found a great tumblr account for story prompts. I think they’ll be very helpful for weeks like these have been: ones missing inspiration.

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