NaNoWriMo 2013 Week Two Update


Well here we are, staring down Week 2. And yes, it’s been difficult. I think I’ve made the mistake of trying to write a book I probably would not have picked up off a library shelf to read for pleasure.  But I knew I wanted a challenge this year since I’m not sure how next year is going to pan out trying to write with an eight or nine month old on my hands. So a challenge this book has been.

On Thursday of Week 2, the on par word count would be 23,333. And yes, if you’ll notice the word count widget above, you’ll see I’m still a bit ahead! That is seriously hard work when you’re in the doldrums of your story. If I can keep up this pace, I’ll actually finish ahead of Nov. 30th! I wouldn’t stop writing if I hit 50,000 words before the deadline, but I would damn sure pat myself on the back. Maybe do a little preggo dancing.

One huge milestone I hit over this past weekend was breaking 25,000 words. With a goal of 50K, that means I was halfway there. That is what really gave me the momentum to get past a lot of the things I did not want to write. Like the main character being stabbed by his mother or the shoot out with the drug dealer. I cringe at the idea of hurting my characters. Even though some of them have it coming.

Deep down, I’m a romantic at heart. And the parts of the story I love to write the most are about budding relationships. And the first time the two characters get naughty. (Or three or four characters. I’m not a prude.) It’s a trope, but I laid my two newly twitterpated characters down by the fire for their first sexual encounter. And because I told myself I would share my REALLY ROUGH first draft selections with you, I’ve included a bit of their bump and grind below. Again, I offer no apologies. It is what it is.

WARNING: Explicit Sexual Written Content Below.
Possibly Not Safe For Work. Read At Your Own Risk.

An excerpt from Chapter Ten of my in progress novel, Burning, Man!

She was heat and dew on the blossom of a tree in the Amazon. Trembling and at the verge of overflowing with nectar on a branch above a river. She was bounty. She was deliverance. She was grace. And right now, she was moaning, panting, squirming beneath him. Together they moved as if made for each other’s pleasure.

Tara wrapped her dancer legs around his waist, and Jeffrey bit his lip to avoid losing it. Though it was not the best distraction, he bent over and took one nipple into his mouth. Bringing it to a pebbly peak by sucking and blowing air over the wet skin. He rested his head on her collarbone and spoke softly into her ear as he kept up a pace decided at the dawn of humanity by a creator who knew better than he.

He barely knew what words were coming out of his mouth. Sometimes he thought he was describing how beautiful she was. And other times, the dirtiest things were slipping off his tongue into her ear, describing what he would do to her next and how he knew she would like it. At least once he told her how it felt to be inside her, whispering as if he were in a house of worship and thanking her for allowing him to attend to her like the goddess she was.

Tara seemed unable to respond with words, but when he said the right thing, she made it known. He could feel her tipping closer and closer to her second orgasm of the night. He wanted to take her there. Make her wail in surrender beneath him. Like a woman, like a whore, like a celestial being and a combination of all three. She was sculpting clay in his hands and formed to his will. Jeffrey felt powerful as her eyes fluttered shut again and her breath seemed to stop. He had begun a chain of events, and he would see them through to the end.

“Come with me,” was all Tara managed to say the entire time.

And he did. Together they both surrendered. The moment was so brief, but so intense. Like galaxies forming and dying in the black void of space. The ecstatic but fleeting joy of a colorful fireworks display on the Fourth of July. Being formed of light for one eternal moment that ends before it began and never was.  Boneless and sated, they breathed heavily wrapped around one another, so entwined they could not have sorted themselves apart.

So there you have it. I’ll be back with another update next week. Fingers crossed, I will have gotten very close to the 50,000 word goal. There’s still time to join NaNoWriMo if you haven’t already. And if you do, make sure to ‘buddy’ me. My user name is kbeno.

3 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo 2013 Week Two Update

  1. That? That is a beautifully written sex scene. And that is very hard to do, apparently. (I’ve never written one, but I’ve read so, so many bad ones.) I’m impressed :).

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