Name Game

Name-GameSo now that I’ve told you it’s a boy, I guess I should tell you what we’re going to name him. We thought about it a lot. My husband’s name is William and I kind of liked the idea of naming our son the same. But he felt it was a little too bourgeois. (Those were his words, not mine! I’m not making a dig on anyone who named their child after themselves. Remember, I wanted to name the kid William!)

But my suggestion of William got him thinking. And his thinking led him to consider other, more famous Williams. Eventually he remembered that one of his favorite authors was a William. William Gibson to be exact. So he suggested Gibson as our son’s first name. And honestly, this was decided months before we even got pregnant.

So no, we are not naming him after Gibson Guitars or a county in Tennessee. He will be named Gibson because it sounds respectable. The name of a doctor, lawyer or teacher. A name that when you see it on a plaque next to a door or on a diploma, you can feel confident that you are placing your trust is a good person with a strong work ethic who wants to make the world a better place. Or at least that’s what his father and I believe.

And having grown up as one of two Kristin’s in my small grade school classes, I wanted a name that wasn’t too unique but one that not seven other kids in the class would have. According to the Baby Name Voyager, Gibson was ranked 853 out of the top 1,000 baby names in 2012. High enough to not be considered “weird” but also not be heard in each class room. And don’t get me started on how many Williams there were in each class my husband had growing up.

Looking into the meaning behind the name, Gibson really means son of Gilbert. And Gilbert means, bright pledge. But Gilbert just doesn’t ring with us. Makes us think of the annoying voice of Gilbert Gottfried or the book, “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?”  which is not the happiest book to read.

So we settled on Gibson. And for a middle name, we’ve chosen James in honor of my husband’s father, Gibson’s grandfather. Gibson James, our son.

Now, having had a lot of time to think about names while we tried to conceive, we also had a girl’s name in mind. Nigella Marie. Yes, we took inspiration for the name from Nigella Lawson, the celebrity chef. And why wouldn’t we? She’s beautiful. A self-made millionaire who seems to relish life to the fullest.

The name Nigella has never cracked the top 1000 names in any year, which is just fine by us. We’d rather have a unique name for our daughter. But if you research it, it’s really not that unique. It’s an old name. The feminine form of the name Nigel, it means champion. There are also nigella seeds which come from nigella flowers.

Marie is my sister’s middle name, and we thought it sounded perfect with the first name of Nigella. But there will not be a Nigella this go round. And that’s just fine. I’m very excited to meet Gibson James.

I just found out recently that Gibson is also the name of a drink. It’s a variation on a martini and garnished with cocktail onions. I knew my kid was going to be classy!

7 thoughts on “Name Game

  1. Great name! I love that it has a lot of different types of significance 🙂 and WHAT on earth would we have done without name voyager and making sure our baby’s names were not in the top 100?! lol but seriously, that factored in for us too. It’s funny how some people love/want the popular names and other people are the extreme! Watch out, if you blog too much about the name Gibson, it’ll get out there and in 5 years there will be a Gibson explosion like Aiden =P

    • LOL! You’re right. I’ll have to keep it on the down low. Maybe I should just write about him as the G-man in order to avoid making his name too popular. Like my little blog ever could.

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