20 Week & Boy or Girl?

20-Weeks-Boy-GirlThis past Friday I hit the 20 week mark. HALFWAY THERE! I can’t believe it’s gone by so quickly. But in other ways, I remember every moment of morning sickness, round ligament pain, fatigue, heartburn, etc. If I reflect on that, it’s been a LONG 20 weeks. But worth it.

So on that same Friday, we went into the ultrasound with the hope that many parents have. Finding out if it’s a boy or a girl. The ultrasound tech asked us if we wanted to know. We both emphatically said yes. With all the surprises of the infertility, the raised hopes and dashed dreams of monthly cycles and all the hormones that came with treatments… we didn’t want any more surprises. We just wanted to know.


The next day I invited my girlfriends over to tell them the good news.
I gave them each a can of silly string and told ’em to go to town.
So they had no idea if it would be blue or pink silly string until they started spraying.

With almost no hesitation, the tech said BOY! She even typed it on the screen with little arrows pointing to the penis. But when my husband asked how sure she was, the tech got a little more vague. She changed her mind to “maybe a boy.” But I think she was right initially. I’ve thought my baby was a boy for weeks.

You see, I had this dream in which I was working a booth at a farmers’ market. My job was to put exactly two nutmeg seeds into small pouches. Come on… two seeds in a pouch? That’s got boy symbolism all over it.

The tech was able to get all the measurements she needed, but couldn’t get a really clear picture of the heart. We even went on to our doctor’s appointment, then came back for a second ultrasound that same day to see if baby would turn for her. But there was nothing doing. So I’m going back tomorrow. The tech will try to get a clear picture of all four chambers of the heart and REALLY confirm the boy prognosis.

Don’t worry, no one is worried about the heart. It is definitely pumping, and the heartbeat is good. Baby just wouldn’t get into a position that let the ultrasound tech see it clearly. Oh we tried everything to get that baby to turn. My husband played music for our son (I’m just going with it) with his phone to see if he would cooperate. I laid on both of my sides trying to get a better picture. We emptied the bladder. We did just about everything, but reach in and turn him manually. No dice.

I’m sure tomorrow, we’ll get the pictures we need. And I’ll have a real ultrasound picture to show off my son’s budding genitalia. Poor kid, he’s going to be naked on the internet already! Thought he wouldn’t get there until his college days.

20 Weeks cropped

We think of this as our son’s creepy
Halloween face.
You can see most of an eye and the open mouth.
Happy Halloween, my boy!

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7 thoughts on “20 Week & Boy or Girl?

  1. Congratulations! Your dream symbolism was hilarious! I really like the way you did the reveal with your friends. I am so not into those over the top reveal parties. I think it’s a bit excessive… but this idea with silly string and your girlfriends is adorable!

    • I have to give credit for the silly string idea to my sister-in-law. She sent me a picture of someone else doing it and thought it was a cute idea. I just ran with it.

      But yes, I’m so stoked to find out I was right!!! And of course I love the idea of having a boy. 😀

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