Stop The Blogosphere; I Have To Get Off

StopI’m taking a short sabbatical for a little over a week due to pressing matters in real life.  Like my job.  Working for a non-profit, we have to regularly fund raise. And this pledge drive will run (depending on the weather) from today until next Tuesday.  I usually work 14 hour shifts so I will be incommunicado through all of that.

I had these lofty ideals of writing a bunch of blog posts ahead of time and posting them on the regular schedule throughout the drive.  [By the way, apparently my “regular” schedule is twice a week.  Either on Monday/ Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday.  Which is to say that I don’t have an honest schedule at all.  Really I just try to aim for two posts a week.]  On Saturday morning, I wrote up the Chicken Cordon Bleu recipe.  And that’s it.  There go the ideals.

So instead, I’m just writing up a quick post to let you know that I’m going to be waist deep in real life for a bit and unable to update.  I know, you’re really broken up about it.  Me too.  Hopefully, this will pass quickly for both of us. 😛

BUT: in order to keep your interest piqued, here are few of my upcoming post titles.  These are all sitting in the drafts pile, waiting for me to complete them.

Say That To My Face

What I’m Growing This Spring

Big Girly Photo Shoot

Indulge Me These Ridiculous Fears

Buying a Corset?

On the Demise of my Running Career

Hopefully I’ll be back on a regular schedule by the week of March 18, if not sooner.  But no pie-in-the-sky promises either.  Mmmmmm pie.

Think of me as I slog through the fundraiser.

By day seven things get... weird.And a little blurry.

By day seven things get… weird.
And a little blurry.

6 thoughts on “Stop The Blogosphere; I Have To Get Off

  1. I enjoy reading your blog. Sucks I won’t have it to look forward to until after the drive….darn work and real life!

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