Primped, Pretty & Powered But Not Showered


Okay, parents. Let’s be real for a moment. How often do you actually shower?

Because this morning was a “no shower” morning. The kind of morning that comes after a night of multiple wakings with diaper changes, bottles and rocking sessions. The wind was just howling last night in our neck of the woods. The house creaked, the cats freaked and the baby just wouldn’t sleep. <—-You’re welcome for the rhyme.

So this morning, when Gibson finally let me put him down, there was no time for a shower. That’s just how these things go. Thankfully, my hair isn’t as greasy as it could be. And perfume covers up a multitude of sins.

This isn’t a real post. It’s just me telling the world that I used a baby wipe to take off the top layer of funk this morning. But I did brush my teeth. You’re welcome. So to make up for it, here’s the first episode of the new season of Convos with my 2 Year Old. Again, you’re welcome.

4 thoughts on “Primped, Pretty & Powered But Not Showered

  1. I will just about lose it if I can’t shower every day but oftentimes those showers are headed towards late afternoon evening now instead of first thing in the morning. Ah well! As long as we don’t stink people out lol.

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